The Convention Center

Setting up magnetic fabric that we got for free from Visual Magnetics

Here are some photographs from setting up the show at the RI Convention Center in Providence. Apologies for the quality; both during construction and after photos were taken with cellphone cameras seeing as how both my photo cameras are KIA.

The coordinated mess that ensued

Sasquatch courtesy of Morgan Barnicoat + Matt Jacobs

Your's truly second from right

My two boards. I would later add a context diagram below the left board

With my two-three week model

The opening night (May 20th) had many people come in, the highlight (or lowlight depending on your perspective) with the installation nicknamed 'The Pink Room' tripping off the fire alarms (it had a smoke machine that created such an disorientating effect that you could not see anything other than the color pink). We would later learn that this was the best Landscape Architecture exhibition anyone has ever seen and that the Providence Journal gave us good reviews (I'm still looking for the source of this -- please comment below if you have it). Here I am on June 5th, 2010 after graduation:

Stratified Overgrowth with Designer...