The man himself

The man himself communing with stone lions on a bridge near West Lake, Hangzhou, February 2015

MutationMatter is the brainchild of the mysterious Jeremi Bigosinski, who hails from the distant land of Poland (there be forest bisons and river mermaids) via the equally distant land of Connecticut (there be oak trees, songbirds and oysters). He has been practicing landscape architecture in Shanghai, China since the year 2010 arriving just in time for the Shanghai World Expo. Also known as Rem, he has used a predecessor of this blog, "Landline", as his Masters of Landscape Architecture Thesis blog while at the Rhode Island School of Design. When not traveling the world in the search for curiosities unknown and unseen, he bides his time (and sanity) working in the ever so hectic landscape design industry in China. Some other curiosities of note:

  • Awarded a Fulbright Fellowship in 2006 to study sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts Warsaw
  • Written, illustrated and published two children storybooks in the Adventures in Hippoville(TM) book series
  • Has decided in December 2015 to write an Encyclopedia of Chinese Gardens because he really has lots of free time on his hands. I mean, really, isn't that nuts?

Unlike most other blogs, all content (except for some of the Thesis parts of the older blog) has been photographed by yours truly, Jeremi Bigosinski. Please feel free to drop him a message below.

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