On Critique (Feb 18)

It would appear that I am too much the observer, and not enough the maker: the person engaged in the site. I need to be more explicit in the datum of the 'level of experience' (right now I don't have one -- how do you measure someone's perception and relationship to space?) I mentioned to Mikyoung that my site is a school, but when I said that the, er, pupils, are 'intellectual outcasts of society', she was alarmed and responded that there's something very 'Dickinsonian' about that. That is, there is a potential negative aspect of placing a school in a ruin (what is the interface between those people and the ruin?); especially if I will be putting them underground as that can be viewed as controversial from many historical perspectives -- sequestering, refuges for refugees, etc. I also described the considerable proliferation of manholes and stormwater drainage devices in the street and on site; to which I received a response that I should be aware of the probable complex infrastructure that exists below grade. Here are the rest of the questions I should consider:

How do I study excavation?

What is the interaction between ruin and intervention?

What is it about that (be specific) condition to retain a ruin? When does it end; when it is completely demolished?

I need to make models of my understanding of how site and ruin is built. What are the material connections between new and old? Does something get discovered through ruin? (also, due to the nature of a ruin, I need to make models over time).

Are you looking for an environment that starts/ questions our need to maintain it? (Death and closure are difficult to talk about in our society)

How is the vehicle of thesis leading you toward to what I am reacting to you?

What is the adventure? (I need to answer this for the 'Midterm' critique next week)

What is the verb? I do not have an action to describe the 'rejuvenation' of the ruin? My previous verb was to 'narrate', but, that is still from the context of an observer, and not an operator on the site.

Public space has the potential to change society; so what am I trying to change by doing this thesis?

[note] Pin-up with Mikyoung Kim 12pm Feb 18 [/note]