Select, calculated bold moves. A repetitive material palette consisting of both porous and non-porous materials. An approach that heavily focuses on the visual and retrospective experience or the human condition. How does one see or inhabit small spaces. Repetitive strokes.. or,

A common thread through my work has been the idea of multiplicity and using simple materials multiplied throughout a design to create temporal? spaces of personal experience. That is, while these design constructs may be immobile themselves, the interaction of their environment creates a different experience throughout time.

Have I really thought of time while thinking of these designed spaces? Not really -- they have been more like snapshots. So I imagined a space during a certain time -- a hazy morning, a bright and crisp afternoon, a sleepy sunset. Admittedly, most of the designs that I came up with for this studio were imagined in an afternoon setting with golden light filtering through the trees. So perhaps I cannot own up to a "temporal space". Besides, the spaces aren't temporal themselves. Yes, a cedar post in the ground will change over time -- decades through weathering, but to suggest that the space around and inclusive of the object may change significantly in a perceivable amount of time (an hour, perhaps), is misleading.