RHXC Lot 3

Construction picture from Rui Hong Xin Cheng (Rainbow City) in Huangpu District, Shanghai (January 2016)

So the Year of the Monkey is almost upon us and I realized recently just how much I've traveled and have not shared such travels on here, outside of a rather singular social networking app called WeChat. I have a backlog of about 5 years of such travels and the accompanying images that go with them. I'm not entirely sure how many photos I have; due to a digital catalog getting corrupted a couple of years ago I may have found myself with more than a few thousand duplicate images. The conservative estimate is 50,000 but it could be up to 160,000. In any case, some topics I would like to write about this year and finally finish posting here are:

  • Taiwan (2011)
  • Harbin & Shenyang & Thousand Lotus Blossom Mountains (2012)
  • Nanjing (multiple years)
  • Hangzhou (multiple years)
  • Yangzhou Slender West lake (2012)
  • Gansu Province (2012)
  • Thailand, parts of (2013)
  • Malaysia, parts of (2013)
  • Huangshan & Ancient Water Villages in Anhui (2013)
  • Fuzhou (2013)
  • Papagayo, Costa Rica (2014)
  • Japan, parts of (2014)
  • Paris, France (2015)
  • Cambodia (2015)

And, of course, other places not mentioned above. I would also like to write more about what I have done as a designer and will feature designs and constructions photos of two projects that are nearing completion this year in 2016. It looks like it will be a busy writing year indeed! Stay tuned!