Grr… who was that?

I'm trying to remember who it was who had three or four levels of transcendental? thought. I remember reading about it -- I can't remember if it was Goethe or Heidegger. My 3,500 word paper in Theory was way too short. I wish I wrote something about what I need now so I can remember. Anyway, I'm writing my response to what I think landscape architecture is now, two years later.

Also, WordPress is amazing. It's so much better than Google's Blogger. Not only do I get an email that someone commented on a post, I can decide whether or not to keep them! In this case, I didn't keep them because they both suspiciously looked like spam. That brings me to stating the following: While I appreciate comments like "I've been looking for this, please write more", please don't state the obvious as I'm obviously writing this blog for my thesis later this year. I would much prefer constructive comments such as, "have you looked at..." or "thanks for posting this because...". I like to read stories too you know.

Right, and I have to finish posting the stuff from Consolations of Philosophy. More on that soon.